Great Marketing Ideas For Shopify Apps

A new Ecommerce mobile app is one of the best ways to drive sales for your Shopify store. Mobile apps convert higher than the mobile web, so generating sales from your app won’t be a problem. But the app will only have success if customers actually download it.

That’s why ecommerce mobile app marketing needs to be a top priority for your Shopify store. 

Whether your app is already complete, in development, or still in the pre-development planning stages, you need to start brainstorming marketing ideas for your Shopify app today. 

Marketing a mobile app for ecommerce isn’t necessarily the same as promoting a traditional product or service. You need to take a unique approach to this process.

It’s abundantly clear which ecommerce sites were prepared with marketing ideas for their Shopify app. 

After learning from the success and the mistakes of others, I want to pass my knowledge to you. Use this guide to learn how to implement the best mobile app marketing tactics for ecommerce.

Build Early Hype

If you wait until launch day to promote your new ecommerce mobile app, it’s too late. You need to start promoting the app as early as possible, even if it’s with something as simple as a “coming soon” page.

Even if you haven’t started development yet, the sooner you can get exposure for your app, the more successful it will be.  If you review the top reasons why you need an ecommerce mobile app, you’ll quickly learn that mobile commerce is trending upward, and consumers prefer to shop from apps. 

Promoting the app as early as possible builds anticipation in the minds of your customers. This is an age-old psychological marketing strategy. When the app finally launches, they’ll be ready to download it and start shopping immediately. 

Just avoid publicizing a firm launch date until the app is actually complete. So if you’re starting to build your app in March, don’t start running promotions saying the app will be live in June.

Things happen during the development process that are sometimes out of your control. You don’t want to promise an app and not deliver, or worse, rush through development to meet a deadline that results in performance issues.

Use Your Website to promote your App

It sounds simple, but it’s shocking how many websites don’t have a direct download link for their app. Even more surprising, some ecommerce businesses don’t have any mention of their app at all on the website.

You just went through all of the effort to build a mobile commerce app. Don’t let those efforts go to waste by failing to promote it on your biggest platform.

Shopify owners make the mistake of thinking that customers will go to great lengths to find their app. But that’s simply not the case. You need to make this process as easy as possible for them.

H&M has a global presence. It’s always a good idea to follow the lead of companies that succeeded before you.

The menu on this ecommerce site has a direct link to download the app for both iOS and Android. 

Just saying “we have a mobile app” on your site isn’t enough. It forces customers to take extra steps to search for your Shopify app in the app store. Each additional step reduces your chances of getting a download.

But think about how much traffic your Shopify site gets each day, week, or month. Imagine if just 5% or 10% of that traffic downloaded the app. That’s how you get thousands of downloads at a time.

Showcase Your App in Emails

You want to promote your app through distribution platforms that have the most exposure. So take advantage of your email list.

The best emails for mobile app promotion are confirmation messages. That’s because confirmation emails outperform every other type of marketing email.

A confirmation email has higher open rates, click-through rates, and viewing time. They also generate the highest revenue per email sent. 

These are the type of confirmation messages that should include a promotion for your Shopify app:

  • New subscriber confirmation

  • Order confirmation

  • Shipping confirmation

  • Delivery confirmation

Each app promotion can have a slightly different angle, depending on the content of the message.

For example, “use the app for faster ordering” works well for an order confirmation message. But you could use something like “track shipping status directly in the app” for both shipping and delivery emails.

Here’s another reason why this mobile app ecommerce marketing idea is so useful; you’re targeting customers who are already interested in your brand. These are people who either signed up for email promotions or just purchased something from your Shopify store. This makes them the most likely candidates to download your ecommerce mobile app.

Offer an Incentive For Downloads

Why should someone download your new ecommerce app?

No, this is not a theoretical question. You actually need to tell people why the app will benefit them personally. 

According to our app download and usage statistics page, the average person has between 60 and 90 apps installed on their device. However, 77% of time is spent on just three apps. 75% of apps are used once and then never used again.

Consumers know this. They aren’t going to download another app to clutter their phones unless they are given a good reason. 

Monetary incentives usually get the job done. You could offer something along the lines of 20% off the first purchase using the app. If you really want to make sure the app continues getting used, consider extending that discount for the first 30 days after installation. 

Target has a dedicated landing page on its ecommerce site to promote the app.

The page highlights some of the top features of the app, which gives users even more of an incen