How to build a local food delivery App

Building your own local food delivery App with Appily App Builder allows you to take orders and process payments to help save you money by eliminating the need to pay for third-party services. You can customize the user experience for customers and create an App that simplifies the delivery process for you.

How to build a local food delivery App

The first step is to decide what platform you will use to build your App. Your level of technical knowledge and any previous experience you have will likely play a role in which platform you choose.

Appily App Builder is one of the best App-building options to use for a food delivery App. Why?

  • It’s the most popular content management system.

  • It’s affordable.

  • It’s flexible.

  • It’s also relatively easy to learn how to use.

Set up your App Name, hosting and Publish your App

Now that you know how you’ll be building your website, you need to purchase a domain name and hosting plan, as well as set up your email account.

Choose the right App name:

Choose an App name that matches your restaurant’s name. If it’s taken, try adding your city/town name into the App to differentiate it.

Publishing an App locally can look good for a local restaurant; however, it’s also a good idea to publish a version of your App internationally, as this will allow more people to engage with your App and increase visibility of your App on the App Stores.

Appily App Builder hosting

Since you’re using Appily App Builder, you will receive free hosting of all App content as all plans include free hosting of all your App related content.

Find the right them for a local food delivery App

Now you need to find the correct theme that’s going to help you get the most orders for local food delivery.

Try to use a prebuilt template that is already provided on Appily App Builder, since you’ll be using it for the online ordering portion of the App.

Design-wise, use a theme that is easy to navigate, incorporates bold call-to-action buttons for ordering, and has plenty of space for large imagery.

Set up Stripe or PayPal for ordering

Setting up Stripe and PayPal within your is a fairly quick and easy process, as both these merchants are already available for integration directly from the App Editor.

Create your Stripe account

Just create your account at,Then simply navigate to features in your App Editor, select the MCommerce feature and add Stripe as your preferred checkout option for your App.

Create your PayPal account

Just create your account at, Then simply navigate to features in your App Editor, select the MCommerce feature and add PayPal as your preferred checkout option for your App.

Add products

Once you have your general settings and payment options sorted out, you can now create your food items for purchase. Go to Products and click Add Product.

Here you will set the name of each food dish, write an effective product description, include ingredients, add photos, and set your price.

Next Steps:

Grow your food delivery

Local food delivery is a huge business for restaurants. The average online ordering check size for delivery and take-out orders are $50 or more.

With the rise of online ordering services such as UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub and many others, customers have access to a wide range of food delivery options.

These third-party services are great for restaurant owners because they do most of the heavy lifting for you. They provide the software, help set up your menu, send customers your way and even deliver the food.

Although you’ve set up the basics, there are still plenty of ways to take your local food delivery App to the next level with Appily App Builder's no code App creating software.

Customize the checkout process so that customers can order with one click, allow customers to create accounts and save their payment information for future orders, and even integrate with a POS system to connect your online and offline restaurant.

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