How to Create an App For Your Gym or Personal Training Business

If you want to grow your fitness business, special offers and fitness coupons are a great way to acquire new business, retain current clients, and incentivize referrals. Almost every fitness business offers coupons, and yours should be no different! You can use Appily App Builder to easily create Apps that integrate coupons and discounts directly within your Apps.

To be clear, you want to offer coupons, not discounts.

Discounts create a perception of lower value, making it rather difficult to pitch normal prices later on. There is quite the psychological element to offering discounts, especially when it comes to people’s health. Think about it: If you are accustomed to paying half price for something, would you be willing to pay double what you were paying before? Would you go to a discount healthcare provider just to save some money? Most likely not.

How to offer fitness coupons

You want to offer fitness coupons that hold value to your services, which will attract new customers, and retain current clients. Below are a few ways to use Appily App Builder to achieve this:

1. Fitness coupons for a free introductory consult and workout

People like to try before they buy. You wouldn’t want to buy a new car without test driving it first. The same rule applies to people seeking a new fitness center or personal trainer. They want to be certain that your services are risk free and fit their needs.

Getting people in the door is half the battle, and fitness coupons will be your trusty sidekick.

Create a coupon that gets people to try out your services. If your consultation and introductory sessions are regularly priced at $90, don’t hesitate to include that on your coupon. People like to have a monetary value to compare how much they are saving.

2. Referral coupons

Most people don’t like working out alone. They like to bring a friend or family member along for comfort and motivation. Referrals are the No. 1 source for new leads.

Offer your current clients a referral coupon that gives them the option for a free session when a friend or family member signs up for a minimum amount of sessions.

Ensure that is it clearly communicated that the free referral session is received after their friend or family member signs up. These types of fitness coupons won’t cost you any money, but rather some time. You will only sacrifice one personal training session, but in exchange you’ll receive a new paying client. This is a win-win for all parties. Your client gets a free session, you acquire another client, and their friend gets the benefit to test your services as well.

3. Holiday coupons

Consumers expect coupons and special offers during the holiday. Use these special occasions to market some gift giving specific to the holiday season. For example, on Father’s Day you might consider offering a “Fit Dad” package that includes a month of sessions, childcare and a meal plan included.

On the ever-popular fitness-resolution holiday, also known as New Year’s Day, a “New Year, New Me” package would appeal to all demographics.

This could include more long-term services such as a three-month meal plan and training sessions to hold clients accountable to their New Year’s goals.

4. Buy one get one free offers

During slower months, offer a buy-one-get-one deal to increase the frequency of client visits. You can take this coupon in several directions, including buy one get one free or buy one get one half off.

For example, December tends to be a slower month because people are going to be eating unhealthy for the holidays and traveling more. Make sure you specify on the coupon that this special offer is for that particular month only and always put a cap on it! You don’t want clients cashing in on 20 plus marked-down sessions.

Buy one get one free fitness coupons will help create a more frequent need for your services. The more personal training sessions your clients partake in, the better and faster their results will come.

5. Free bundles

Who doesn’t love some free bundles? Advertise a limited-time fitness coupon that creates a demand for a free item when new clients sign up. Not only does this coupon provide a free item, it’s free marketing for you, too! Whether you offer a logo-printed water bottle, T-shirt, or gym towel, your business will become more recognizable as more people start showing off your logo.

You can also do free bundle giveaways to clients who refer a friend or help spread the word about your gym or personal training business.

6. Package services

When researching new gyms and personal trainers, potential clients are going to look for the biggest bang for their buck. Include extra perks with package pricing such as unlimited boot camps, childcare or meal planning. Construct different service packages and disclose the regular value to show how much savings customers will receive when buying each package.

Next Steps:

Start growing your fitness business

You don’t have to give away thousands of dollars worth to market and acquire more new clients for your gym or personal training business. These fitness coupons and special offers are a great way to attract more clients for your business without needing to sacrifice too much of your time or money.

You can get creative and use a combination of the different coupon uses described above or you could always roll your coupons out one at a time. Remember to present the discount pricing, allowing potential clients to know the price is actually marked down. Start creating your App today with Appily App Builder and begin offering your clients or users coupons and discounts directly from your App.

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