How to Get Free Press Coverage with No Budget

The process of getting press coverage sounds simple enough. But, because journalists are constantly being pitched about new products, standing out from the crowd can be a difficult task.

Whether you’re an established business or you're just getting started, it’s never too soon to let people know about your product. Choosing the best outlet to promote your business is only half the battle.

Below we'll describe some clever ways on how you can get any influencer or journalist’s attention, so you can drive more traffic and sales to your business.

How to get press coverage

Getting traditional press coverage can be an extremely difficult task. Often, journalists and editors are overloaded day and night with pitches.

Every day there are thousands of press releases. No wonder its hard to get noticed nowadays.

Because of this, contacting blogs that are targeted to your specific niche, rather than pitching your product to a traditional news outlet can be much more effective and is a much less saturated area to tackle.  

Quite often, you’ll find that blogs have a page for you to submit product tips. You can use this to your advantage.

How to find a top blogger or influencer

You can leverage the power of Google to make your life much easier when tracking down sites to contact.  

By simply doing a Google search for sites related to your product or niche, you’ll be able to find blogs, journalists and influencers that can get the word out about your product.

These blogs and influencers are extremely valuable, as their readers and followers are all potential customers.  

According to a study from Nielsen, 92% of buyers trust recommendations and products from people they know, and 70% trust opinions and reviews they find online.

Here’s some of the best search strings to use:

  • top X bloggers

  • blogs like X

  • X product reviews

  • X influencers

  • X product influencers

You’ll want to grab as much information as you can. Anything from a contributor’s first and last name, to their email address, to where they live.

Be sure to check out some of their recent work as well, as it’s always nice to mention that you like their work when reaching out to them.

Don’t want to do all the hard work? Try hiring someone from Fiverr or Craigslist to do it for you.

Alternatively, you can use a resource called Press Farm that is a compilation of over 250 individual’s contact information for companies like Business Insider, Forbes, Mashable and many more.

Product blogs to grow your business

One certain way to get press coverage is to be featured on a blog that specifically writes about new or interesting products.

Blogs like Uncrate, Cool Material, and Supercompressor are all great places to reach out to.

Here’s a list of product blogs that all have been successful in driving traffic and sales to online stores:

Because these are all focused on a certain style, getting your product featured can be a bit of a difficult task at first. You’ll want to go through these blogs and make sure that you have product shots that match their aesthetic.

Sometimes it's seemingly impossible to track down the people who curate these blogs. So how do you get in touch if there’s no easy way of contacting them?

Be inventive in your approach.

  • Find businesses that have been featured on these blogs, and contact them directly to see if they can provide any contact info or insight into the curation process.

  • Find one of the writers on LinkedIn and send them a connect request. Make sure you send them a custom message that's not too long.

  • Send them a Facebook message if you can find their profile. Don’t be too pushy, some people prefer to keep their Facebook profile private.

  • Tweet at them directly, as well as the company or blog they write for.

Reach out, don't just pitch

You’ll find that if you send out a generic email, you probably won’t get a response. You’re looking for a longterm relationship instead of one hit story coverage so that you can reach out to them every time you have a new product.

There’s a few things you can do to almost guarantee a response.

  • Have a strong email subject that gets their attention and makes them want to open your email immediately. Avoid things like using all caps.

  • Include a phone number they can reach you at in case they have any questions.

  • Offer a product sample, even if you have to pay for it.

  • Add some personality to your email.

  • Followup after a week if they don’t respond.

Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone when you’re reaching out. In fact, push them for an answer.

Email subjects:

  • Hey there! Just trying to connect

  • Hey [their name] check us out!

  • Quick request

  • Have you heard about [name of your product or company]

Using social community forums to your advantage

For immediate traffic and potential sales you can use different social news platforms to your advantage.  

These all have very active communities and are often where journalists look when they want to be the first to break a story on a new business, or product.

Here’s some of the most popular ones that you can submit your product to:

Reddit is by far the easiest to use in order to get your product in front of potential buyers. It’s huge. It’s a great way to get feedback on everything from store design to product pricing and everything in between.

Next Steps:

One viral piece of content can make a huge longterm difference in your business. You’ll find that getting press coverage using influencers and product blogs can be much more effective than sending out a normal press release.

Now that you’ve reached out to these different areas of the internet, you’ll find that things will start to takeoff.  

If you’ve been featured on any product blog at this point, chances are the others will take note and will also feature your product.

If you get enough coverage, you’ll get larger news outlets reaching out to you and your business.  

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