How to increase Your App Downloads and App Rankings

There are lots of factors that go into this question. We could talk about how well your app performs or go into detail about your marketing strategy.

But one of the best ways to ensure that your app is successful is by getting lots of downloads. It’s a simple concept, but for the most part, more downloads equals more money.

Your ranking on the App Stores have a big impact on how many downloads you’ll get. If you can achieve one of these, then the other will follow thereafter and come automatically.

Lots of downloads will improve your app ranking. Once you have a high app ranking, it will be easier for you to get even more downloads.

The concept may be easy to understand, but applying this is definitely easier said than done.

If it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

How you can improve the success of your app.

Understand App Store optimization (ASO)

It can be compared to search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. There are certain things that you can do

to improve your search ranking online. Apply that same concept to your app and on the App Stores.

48% of people discover new apps just by general browsing on the Appp Stores. So think about how that process works. A user has some general idea of what they’re looking for, so they type in some keywords. Then they’ll find an app based on the results.

If your app is buried at the bottom of this highly competitive space, you won’t stand a chance to get discovered this way. But if your app is optimized for searches, then you’ll have a high ranking and get lots of downloads.

Being ranked at the top of this list also improves the credibility of your app and brand. People won’t need to question your legitimacy, even if they haven’t heard of your company before.

Here’s something else that you’ll need to keep in mind. You’ve got to understand the different algorithms for each respective App Store. If your app is available on both the Apple App Store, as well as the Google Play Store, there are different ASO factors for each one.

There will be some slight overlap, but you need to understand the differences so you’re not wasting time or doing things that could potentially harm your search ranking.

We’ll discuss the main factors that impact your ASO in greater detail so you have a better understanding of how to approach this. You can use this as a guide to help you get more downloads.

Choosing your app name

How important is your name? Extremely. For those of you who already launched your app, it’s too late to focus on your name. But for anyone out there who still has an app in the development stages, you will need to learn how to name your app.

You can have up to 50 characters in your title for your app listing on the Google Play Store.

The Apple App Store has a 30 character title limit. So it could be a major branding mistake if you have two different titles on each platform.

Technically, one won’t impact the other, according to ASO algorithms.

However, think of it like this. A user with an Android device recommends an app to a user with an iPhone. If the apps have different names in each App Store, it can be confusing. The prospective user may have trouble finding you if the names are inconsistent. So because of this, We’d recommend reviewing all of the parameters for each platform so you can name your app within both of their rules.

Furthermore, the Google Play Store has strict guidelines about the use of keywords in the title. If you’re using repetitive or relevant words in your title in efforts to improve your ASO, they could remove and suspend your app. Obviously, something like this would be detrimental to your ranking and getting new downloads.

Also, with the release of iOS 11, Apple now lets developers create a subtitle. This appears directly under your app name and has a 30 character limit as well. So use this extra field to your advantage when it comes to adding keywords.

Keywords and description

Remember to include relevant keywords so that people can easily find your app on the app store.

But your title isn’t the only place where you should be thinking about keywords. You also need to be focusing on this when you’re writing the description of your app.

When you’re working the description it’s really important that you focus on the first few beginning lines. That’s because the full description won’t be seen by users when they are browsing the app store.

They’ll see your first couple of sentences, but then they’ll have to click and expand to read the entire description.

You want your description to be packed with keywords no matter what. But it’s more important to dedicate the first couple of sentences to win over someone who is thinking about downloading your app.

Then you can add even more keywords toward the bottom. So when people search for these general terms on the App Store, there’s a greater chance that thy will find your app.

Something else to keep in mind if your app is available on the Apple App Store is a new update from iOS 11. They let you have a promotional text of up to 170 characters.

Unlike the description, this can be changed without having to submit a new update of your app. So you’ll be able to test out different keywords to maximize your conversion rates.

Your icon impacts downloads

Your app icon is very important. While it doesn’t necessarily impact your app store optimization, it can definitely play a big role on whether or not people download your app.

The best icons are memorable and catch the users’ eyes. If you can stand out from the crowd, it will attract more people.

Think of it like your company logo. Your app icon is an integral part of your branding strategy. Users should see the icon and know exactly what app it’s associated with.

You should also design your app icon so that it’s visible against all backgrounds, including ones that are both dark and light. That’s because users have all different wallpapers on their devices, so you don’t want your app to get lost in the background.

Do some research before you come up with a design. You want to make sure that it’s not too similar to the icon of another app. This can cause confusion, especially if it’s a close design to one of your competitors.

Create high quality screenshots

Screenshots will help give users a preview of what your app looks like.

Make sure you take the time and think these out. You want to try and cover a wide range of your app’s features. So for example, you wouldn’t want to include a screenshot of your login screen. This doesn’t add any value to the user. Try your best to capture each major feature of your app in your screenshots.

Ratings and reviews

Make sure that your app has lots of good ratings and user reviews. To make this happen, you’ll need to prioritize the user experience.

Your app needs to run well. Crashes, errors, bugs, and other problems won’t help your cause.

Apps with great ratings will be ranked higher in the search rankings when it comes to the app store optimization algorithms.

The best way to get lots of ratings is by asking your users to rate it. Send them a push notification or a popup every once in a while to entice them. Just don’t do this too often or else they will think it’s annoying.

Negative reviews are inevitable. But take those comments and use them to make improvements to your app. If lots of people have the same complaints, it’s obviously a common problem that needs to be addressed.

Prospective users will read these reviews and look at your ratings before they download your app. The better these are, the greater the chance will be that they’ll install the app.

Promotional App Video

Adding a video can help increase your downloads by over 25%. Therefore, anyone who watches the promotional app video is three times more likely to download the app.

Next Steps:

Your app store ranking will effect your app downloads.

The more downloads you get, the higher your ranking will be. But you can do certain things to improve your ranking, which will lead to more downloads.

That’s why you need to understand how App Store optimization works.

The name of your app, keywords, description, and icon all will affect your download rates.

Encourage your users to rate and review your app.

Add high quality screenshots and a promotional video to increase downloads.

If you follow all these tips, you’ll most likely get more downloads and a higher search ranking on the App Stores.

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