How to Let People Know Your Business is Open Again

The COVID-19 pandemic caused worldwide shutdowns of all types of businesses. But, as parts of the world are starting to relax their guidelines, it’s time to think about what’s next for your business.

Reopening is no small feat. You not only need to establish new operational policies and get your employees on board, but you need to communicate with new and loyal customers about your reopening.

Establish and communicate your safety protocols

One of the primary concerns for your customers is what you’ll do to address current safety regulations. How will you keep them safe and healthy?

Are you requiring employees and customers to wear masks and gloves? Are you spacing out your store and offering limited inventory?

Before you start putting the word out you want to think about your customer’s biggest fears and how you’ll address these.

Be honest about the current reality

Being honest and transparent about the current reality your business is facing is a must. Now, more than ever, we all need support, and your local business is no different.

Communicate on social media and email

The more channels you can utilize to communicate your reopening the better. This will help to spread the news as wide as possible while ensuring everyone understands your new guidelines.

You’ll want to cast a wide net as possible when reaching out to your customers.

If you have an email list, then you’ll want to send out a broadcast that details the steps of your reopening and how you’ll keep customers safe.

The same goes for social media, if you’re active on Facebook and Instagram, you can create a series of posts that focus on the same thing.

You can also include images of your place of business to reinforce your message, for example, if you’re a hair salon, you can show your staff cutting hair while wearing masks. Or, restaurants can show their tables spaced six feet apart.

Update business listing profiles to show the latest information

One of the first things people will see when looking up your business is your business profile, most likely a Google Business Listing.

There are several ways you can update this profile to provide relevant information to your customers, for example:

  • Any delays you might be experiencing

  • If your business is temporarily closed

  • Your adjusted hours of operation

  • If you’re serving the local community in any other way

Overall, your goal is to maintain customer and employee safety, while ensuring your customers feel confident visiting your business once more. Hopefully, the communication tips above have been helpful in creating an action plan for your business to get the word out that you’re open again.

Next Steps:

Just because your business is reopening, your customers may still be wary about being in an enclosed space with other customers. The businesses that thrive will be the ones who are adaptable, flexible and understanding to their customers needs.

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