How to Start a Business from Home

Learning how to start a business from home can seem like an enormous task. Below are a few steps to help start your business from home.

Find funding sources

All businesses need some sort of funding, but the amount can vary greatly. Exactly what your startup costs are will depend on the kind of business you’re planning to launch.

In some cases, you won’t need to spend much more than the cost of setting up a website and advertising your services. But if you’re planning to sell physical products, you might need to buy stock before you can proceed, which adds to the costs.

Check your position with work

If you’re currently working and want to launch your own business on the side, you need to make sure that it’s okay with your current employer.

Although it’s unlikely your employer will stop you from starting your own business, you may find that there are limits on what kind of business you can start. You’re unlikely to be allowed to set up in competition to them, or launch of project that makes use of their customer data.

Make sure you have a viable work space

If you plan to start a business from home, you need to make sure you have a suitable work space in your house. One that allows you to get on with things free from distraction. It might be a spare room or a shed, or somewhere else. Just make sure you won’t face constant interruptions.

Draw up a business plan

Creating a business plan is a step that many people leave for later, or in some cases skip entirely. But drawing up a business plan early on can actually help you develop your business idea.

That’s because it makes you plan your future business prospects, what your goals are, who your customers will be and how you’ll be reaching them.

Plan your online presence

Almost every business has a website these days, and the sooner you start planning your website the better.

You need to understand what your website will need to do so your business can function properly. If you’re planning to sell a physical items then your website will need an Ecommerce store, but if you’re running a serviced based business then you’ll probably want people to be able to book appointments with you online.

Consider your tax implications

Choosing the right option when it comes to tax is an important step for your business, and it can be confusing.

Many people choose to register as a sole trader, which is the simplest option although it does mean you’re personally responsible for your business’s debts.

Another popular option is setting up a limited company. This option means that you won’t be personally responsible for the business’s debts, but you will have more responsibilities when it comes to things such as reporting.

Check your mortgage and insurance position

Sometimes, there are clauses in mortgages and insurance policies which state that starting your own business is not permitted. That’s not always the case, and even when it is lenders and insurers often only bar certain kinds of business.

Seek advice

You might run into some complex issues already, but it’s never too early to seek out advice to help you get your business up and running.

Get familiar with online marketing

If you’re planning to run your business on a tight budget, you’ll need to do lots of things yourself and one of the most important of these is online marketing.

You’ll need to understand search engine optimisation (SEO), which will help potential customers find your website in the medium to long term.

You’ll likely also need to understand paid forms of online advertising, including Google AdWords and social ads, as these will help potential customers find your business from day one.

Preparing a good business plan will help you understand the kinds of people you should be targeting with your advertising.

Next Steps:

Coming up with the perfect idea can be a very challenging task when starting your own business. The tips above might give you an overview on some important parts to focus on before starting a business form home, but as always they are just for reference and it is important to do in depth research before staring your own business from home.

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