How to Take Your Business Online

Already have a home based business, this doesn’t mean you can’t find new customers online. While many clients might be referrals, keeping your business offline is no longer an option, especially when you’re looking to grow. It's time to take your home based business online.

Taking your home based business online give you the opportunity to connect with customers 24 hours a day, improve customer engagement and allow you to become part of the global market

The technical stuff

Initially the technical part might be challenging at first. The good news is the more research you do online, the better the chances are that you’ll have the proper foundation to take your home based business online.

I you’re online, you need to have an App and/or a Website. You can easily create both these without any technical knowledge or coding skills using Appily App Builder.

Choosing a domain name

Your domain is your website’s url address. You can have fun with this and be a bit more or you could just be straightforward. Your domain also makes it easy for customers to find you via search engines like Google.

Choosing an App name

Your App name is what will make your App stand out from the rest on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Make sure your name correlates what your App is about and try to make it as short as possible to ensure it displays good on the App Store, as well as on your users devices.

Building an App

Mobile Apps are determined by your budget, your time and skills and what you want to do with your App.

If the vision of you App is for your business, idea, a place to show content and contact information, or maybe eCommerce sales, then great news! Appily App Builder provides you with many easy to use beautiful templates to make your App look amazing.

Also, as you wish to change and edit your App in the future, Appily App Builder makes this much simpler than needing to recruit a developer again.

Appily App Builder is among other companies that offer popular drag and drop app builders.

Before making your decision, write a quick list of everything you’d like your App to include and decide how much time you want to dedicate creating it.

Finally, start designing and creating. Don’t be afraid to keep things simple, especially at first. The goal is the get your business online as soon as possible!

Connect with your customers

While being featured in online business directories is a substantial way to help people discover you, social media will be where you truly connect with customers.

Before you go sign up for every social platform, think about which social sites best serve your business and where your audience spends he most of their time.

Know the strengths of your business audiences and the strengths of the social sites you are interested in.

Go social

The key to success when you take your home based business online is to be consistent with posting and engagement.

Twitter is great for quick tidbits of news, while Facebook is effective for communication and discussion. Instagram is powerful for showing off your home business’s brand but requires a truly creative spirit.

Post regularly and interact with your customers and others in your industry. Also make sure that your posts aren't always one sided and try to inspire discussions, respond to comments as much as you can and spark emotional reactions.

Don't try to be active on all sites. Find out where your customers are most active.

Sending emails

Email newsletters are nothing new, but they are still an amazing way to connect with customers. It's recommended to make a newsletter part of your online routine, even if only once every few months. When you first take your home based business online, your email list might be small, but those small lists often are filled with your biggest potential clients.

Use your newsletter to position yourself as the expert of your craft and offer educational articles or beneficial content your customers might find useful.

Next Steps:

These are some of the first steps to take your home based business online. While there is a lot of work ahead, getting your business online will ensure your business another level of growth.

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