How to use Promotion Strategies to Increase Sales

Have you ever wondered how to increase sales for your business that seems to be declining, that's why the team at Appily App Builder compiled the following article below. No matter how great your product is, how fabulous your services are, or how dedicated your customer support may be, it is still possible for your growth line to hit a plateau.

This is where sales promotion or product marketing comes to play. With sales promotion you can strategically boost the demand and increase the sale of your products. In this post, we are going to cover the following points:

  • Sales promotion

  • Product marketing

  • Sales strategy

  • Sales promotion examples

What is Sales Promotion Exactly?

Sales Promotion is a marketing strategy where the products are promoted with the help of short-term attractive initiatives. It is in fact one of the elements of the promotional mix apart from advertising, personal selling, direct marketing and publicity or public relations.

How Sales Promotion works?

As a strategy, sales promotion makes good use of media and non-media marketing communications for a limited time. This time is usually pre-determined. The clear intent of this strategy is to boost the customer demand or improve the product availability.

What is Product Marketing?

Product Marketing is not an activity, but a process. A process that involves promotion and selling of a product to the customer. The process acts as the link between product development and creating brand awareness.

What is Sales Strategy?

It is a plan created for any business to address the often visited question – how to increase sales. This plan spells out exactly what to do, when you want to sell your products and services in order to increase profits. A sales strategy is formulated by a combination of different divisions within the company, primarily administration along with sales, marketing and advertising divisions.

What is AIDA?

AIDA – Attention/Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action is a model that is used quite commonly in marketing and advertising for describing the steps or stages that the customer goes through between becoming aware of the brand and taking the action of making the purchase.

Top Sales Promotion Examples

Give Free samples

This is a simple yet effective gesture that brings about surprising benefits. Research proves that receiving an unexpected gift goes a long way in helping the customers go further towards conversion and make the decision to complete the purchase.

Provide Gift Cards

Offering gift cards to existing or new customers encourages them to try out your product or services. This is a big barrier to break and once they have redeemed it and bought something from you, you have earned their trust already. These customers are more likely to come back and buy more from you.

Include Free Shipping

In the online shopping world, the shipping charges play a big part in the final decision taken by the customer. Most of the sites offer free shipping beyond a certain threshold price. However, as a sales promotion campaign, you can offer a sitewide free shipping for a limited period to your customers as an added incentive to take quick action.

Host Flash-Sales

A variety of sales promotion campaigns can be used for a flash sale. Whether it is a happy hour deal or buy one get one free deal, or a deep discount, they can all be offered for a small time as a part of a flash sale. Sales promotions seem more attractive when they are only available for only a limited time frame.

Cross-sell Products

In the current marketing noise, it is tough to get the customers’ attention. Hence, it only makes sense that you leverage it enough to increase the order value. One important thing to remember here is that you shouldn’t come off too salesy and end up scaring them off.

Integrate Social contests

Everyone is on social media, one platform or the other. Social media campaigns or contests are a great way to get the attention of a highly targeted audience. You can leverage social media and use the high engagement it enjoys to your advantage.

Buy One Get One Free Promotions

Buy One Get One Free or Buy Two Get One Free or some such variation are all too familiar “Sale” signs that we all get attracted to. This is particularly effective when you intend to clear your stocks. Another great time to use this sales promotion strategy is when you are facing an unusually dull period in your sales cycle.

Include Mystery offers

Apart from the direct sales promotion deals and campaigns, it is good to include an element of mystery sometimes. Mystery offers invite greater engagement with your customers and prospects, keeping them interested all year long, instead of the typical sales promotion calendar.

Provide Subscriber-Only deals

It is a mistake to treat subscribers (registered users) and first-time buyers equally. Their behaviors, intent, and general attitude towards your business are wildly different from each other. Hence, it is a good idea to introduce some deals or offers that are exclusive to subscribers only. Not only does this sales promotion campaign indulge the long-time subscribers, but also can motivate a greater number to subscribe.

Make use of Loyalty programs