How to Write a Product Description to Increase Sales

A successful product description requires the right balance of storytelling, rich content and awareness. An effective product description has the power to convert a viewer into a customer.

Write a product description that tells a story

Try to describe an experience, not just the product itself. Product descriptions that tell a story are persuasive to potential customers, pointing them towards the “add to cart” button.

The story doesn’t have to be all sales pitch, it can also include informative details. In fact, consumers are much more likely to buy from a brand after they consume educational content .

Perfect product descriptions that consider your target customer

As you learn how to write product descriptions, think not only about your target customers, but also how they will use your products.

While features are very important and have their place, try using compelling benefits to write copies that convince your customer why they need the product.

When thinking about the product and customer, ask the following questions:

  • What problem will it solve?

  • How will it make their life easier?

  • What advantages will it provide?

Those are some of benefits you should highlight first and foremost in your product description.

Use product descriptions that match the persona of your buyers

When you write a product description, you also want to consider your target customer so that you can communicate directly with their buyer personas.

One way to accomplish this is by matching the setting of the product description to your ideal customer.

Write product descriptions highlighting your unique values

What makes your product different than the rest? Your unique value proposition is what differentiates your product and you should include it near the beginning of your product description to quickly convince customers.

If you aren’t sure what makes your product unique, do a little research to see what other brands say about similar products and figure out why yours is different.

Include high quality images with product descriptions

Holding a product is vital to consumers. When it comes to the customers who choose to shop in brick and mortar stores, they say they choose to do so because they want to see, touch, feel and try out products personally. The good news is that Ecommerce brands can overcome this hurdle by including stellar product images from multiple angles.

You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional photographer to take product pictures although, it can be worth it. High resolution photos taken with mobile devices in portrait mode can make it increasingly easier for eCommerce business owners to do product images and photography all by themselves.

When possible include images of the product in use, like someone wearing a piece of clothing, a customer using a tool or even a screenshot of a digital product. These types of images help contextualize the product in action, which makes it seem more real and tangible.

Include customer testimonials with product descriptions

User generated content is always a powerful tool in driving sales for your eCommerce business and customer testimonials are one of the best types of user generated content to include in product descriptions.

Reviews help to provide social proof that other satisfied customers purchased and used your product, which goes a long way to encourage potential buyers. Nearly 90% of consumers report that user generated content influences their purchase decisions.

Depending on the layout and format of your eCommerce store, you can include a link to the product review page or have native reviews underneath the product description.

Make product descriptions that include useful details

After you craft and find your perfect product description, include technical and specific product details. The product details section typically comes below the fold and under the initial product description. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not as important.

Consumers have specifics needs and concerns when it comes to purchasing a product and details can be a make or break when it comes to conversion. The goal with product details should be to answer questions before a customers ask it and providing them with useful information to help them on their buying journey.

Test your product descriptions

Once you find the right way to write product descriptions, start to test descriptions against one another to try out different tactics and find the best solutions for your products. You can formally test with marketing tools such as Google Optimize, Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer.

Alternatively, you can also do informal testing by using different versions or formats for descriptions on similar products to see which ones sell better over a certain period of time.

Every eCommerce business is different and there’s no one perfect formula when it comes to product descriptions.

Testing your product pages will allow you to improve your descriptions to increase traffic and sales.

Make sure to check in with all product pages, if one seems to be selling better than another, try to repurpose that description on the low selling products. Remember that data and metrics will help you refine your process.

Next Steps:

Product descriptions have the power to increase sales for your eCommerce business dramatically, still even large corporations struggle with them. Don’t get discouraged when setting up your eCommerce store. With a little hard work and persistence, your product descriptions will increase conversions for your online store over time.

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