Reasons You Need a Food Ordering App for Your Restaurant

In todays world most costumers order directly from a restaurant’s app at least once a month. This is why it’s more important than ever that restaurants have a food ordering app in place.

If your restaurant staff is busy with a lot of phone orders now, the problem is only going to get worse as the demand for takeout continues to rise. Providing an app ordering option is an absolute must for meeting the demand of today’s on-the-go customer. Thanks to Appily App Builder, adding app ordering to your restaurant’s has never been easier.

Reasons you should offer online ordering:

Millennials, namely the largest generation in American history, eat out five times a week.

Benefits of an online food ordering system. Your customers are spending more and more time on apps and on their smartphones. Take advantage of the trend to see these benefits.

1. Because customers crave convenience

These days it seems like everyone is talking about the coveted millennial. Why should restaurant owners care about millennials? Because there are 50 million of them in the U.S., the largest generation in history. By next year, their collective purchasing power will exceed $3.39 trillion. Pleasing this demographic is a path to profits.

Last year, the percentage of restaurant orders placed in app exceeded the quantity placed verbally over the phone.

2. To improve restaurant operations

Implementing a food ordering app will create operational efficiencies in your restaurant in three ways.

Improved order accuracy

The responsibility is on the customer to get their order right, and there is no opportunity to misunderstand them on the phone.

Freed-up staff

Your staff aren't slave to the telephone with app orders — they can process the order when they have a free moment.

Decreased processing time

Orders are already decided upon and paid for. Pre-payment removes an entire step in your process — and you won’t be stuck on the phone with an indecisive customer who wants you to read your entire menu to them.

3. To compete with the big brands

With the growing consumer demand for faster, more convenient ways to order, independent restaurants are feeling pressure to compete with big brands that can afford to invest millions in takeout technology.

Domino’s Pizza introduced their app ordering system in 2010. At the time their stock price was $8 and the company was struggling to grow. In the last seven years, Domino’s has grown to the second-largest pizza chain in the world with a stock price at over $200 per share — that’s 25x growth!

Domino’s has invested millions in building its own app ordering offering.

4. To collect valuable customer data

A restaurant’s lifeblood is their loyal customer base. However, many restaurants know only their most loyal customers by face and name, and not much beyond that. Food ordering apps capture your customers’ emails, purchase history and ordering preferences.

This data is invaluable, since you can use it to send targeted promotions to your most valuable customers and get them coming back for more.

Push notifications are a powerful and inexpensive marketing tool for restaurants, which allow you toto send free promotional notifications, general information or marketing notifications. You can use Appily App Builder's Global Push Notifications communicate directly with all your app users.

App ordering is not for everyone. If you don’t receive many phone calls for takeout, it would recommend getting your to-go numbers up before implementing a food ordering app.

If you receive six+ calls a day for takeout on average, an online food ordering system will give you a competitive edge.

5. To grow your bottom line

See it from your restaurant customer’s perspective. Imagine you are getting home on Friday night after a stressful week of work. You want nothing more than to catch up on the latest Netflix series in your pyjamas while enjoying your favorite takeout from down the street.

Scenario 1: You give them a call

You look up the restaurant’s phone number and give them a call. On the other end is a hurried voice that asks “please hold.” The restaurant is obviously busy — it’s a Friday and what can you expect? Their takeout is worth the wait.

After a few minutes you wonder, “Did they forget about me? Maybe I should call back.” Just before you decide to hang up and redial, the same voice hops back on. It’s difficult to hear them. Last option, go to get your takeout physically.

Thirty minutes later you get to the restaurant, wait in line to pay and bring your food home.

When you begin plating your food, you are disappointed to discover they forgot to add your preferred garnish. Not the end of the world, but you will think twice the next time you are deciding where to order.

Scenario 2: You order in app

You download the restaurant’s app to find that you can now Order in app. You click “Order,” and you are walked step by step through your order.

You add your food order and peruse the rest of the menu. You never realized they had dessert. You’re ready to treat yourself and decide to try the Deep Fried Ice Cream.

You review your order, add a tip and pay with your credit card. Within 60 seconds you get an email that your food will be ready in 30 minutes.

You arrive at the restaurant, and there is a long line. Luckily for you, your food is already paid for and waiting for you behind the counter — you tell them it’s yours, grab your bag and go. Everyone in line looks at you with amazement; you feel like a genius. Better yet, the order is accurate and the deep fried ice cream is delicious.

Or better yet, you add your food order and select deliver to my door. Convenience at your fingertips and there's no need to even step outside your home.

Why does this matter?

The experience patrons have ordering at your restaurant matters. An inconvenience or mistake with an order can influence future purchasing behavior.

Orders that are placed in app are 20 percent larger on average, which means more money in your pocket.

On a busy night, even the best-trained employees are under stress and go into survival mode. Instead of upselling, and providing a top-notch customer experience, their No. 1 goal is to take the order, and move on to the next customer as fast as possible. This means more mistakes, and lost profits.

Next Steps:

You don’t need to have technical skills to achieve this. Don’t be intimidated! Do your research and partner with Appily App Builder — let our platform do the heavy lifting for you.

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