What to Sell Online in 2020

These are some of the best trending products for 2020, but there are much more to choose from when deciding what to sell online.

Finding product trends is only the first step. The real work is finding out how to market them.

Kitchen and dining room furniture

There’s been a growing trend in searches for “kitchen furniture” and “dining room furniture” in recent months. People are spending more time at home and looking to spruce up their living spaces. Google Trends shows these two categories reaching peak interest over the next month, so if you’re looking for winning products to sell, act fast.

To market furniture products, you’ll want to run Google Shopping ads for dining furniture related keywords. 

You can create a blog with interior design tips and tricks with links back to your products. Then, run retargeting ads to your blog traffic on Facebook or Google. 

When running ads, try to target longer-tail keywords based on your product description, like “rustic wood dining table,” or “small kitchen table and chairs,” to attract customers who already know what they want. If you show up in front of them, they’re more likely to buy from your ecommerce store. 

Kayak accessories

Kayaking just keeps growing in popularity year over year, with around 11.3 million recreational kayakers in the United States. Kayak accessories, such as sun shades, tail blowers, seats, paddles and dry bags can improve a trip’s safety and performance. 

According to Google Trends, kayak accessories trend in pre-summer months, then pick up again after the holiday season. 

Yoga and pilates accessories

Yoga mats have been selling well for a while now. Due to the growing popularity in yoga and rising awareness of its health benefits, the yoga mat industry is estimated to reach $17.3 billion by 2025.

Google Trends confirms this uptick in interest.

There are 191,000 monthly searches for yoga mats, proving the industry’s popularity. Newer search interest is popping up for eco-friendly and non-toxic yoga mats, which are expected to grow faster over the coming years than traditional polyvinyl chloride mats that harm the environment. 

When marketing top-selling items like yoga mats, pay attention to what your target audience is looking at on social media. For yoga-goers, the trend leans into bright and natural lit spaces with a more organic feel. 

Take photos of people using your yoga mats in a minimal and calming space, whether it be your living room or home office. Post them on social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest. Then, team up with influencers in the space to help promote your products organically. Consider providing yoga routines on platforms like Instagram and YouTube to help attract the right customers.

If you want to run ads but have a limited budget, consider the seasonality of yoga mats. Good times during the year to market yoga mats could be: 

  • Early summer in June when the outdoor lifestyle trend starts

  • “New year, new me” season in January and February

  • Gifting season in November and December

You’ll likely want to explore Facebook ads to send traffic to your website and drive sales during peak buying seasons.

Exercise bands

Exercise resistance bands have quickly become one of the best selling products online, to no surprise. Given mandatory government shutdowns of gyms around the world due to the coronavirus, there’s been a growing trend in at-home exercise equipment. 

By focusing on niche products like exercise resistance bands, you can create blog, video, and social media content around at-home workouts. Doing this, your store will attract higher quality leads more likely to buy your products. 

Since at-home exercise may keep trending for a long time, you can also build a brand around fitness and optimize your product pages to rank in Google and bring in organic traffic. You can bundle together resistance bands with other trending products in your store or run Google Shopping and Facebook ads to target high-intent buyers and drive immediate sales. 

Water bottles

The global reusable water bottle market is already valued at $8.1 billion as of 2018, and is expected to continue growing.

Google Trends data also shows a steady increase in interest for water bottles, which indicates an increase in demand for this trending product you can add to your online store.

Increasing threats to the environment from non-reusable bottles and the rise in people leaning toward a healthy lifestyle drive this trend. Your target audience is likely to be more health-conscious and aware of the harmful effects of one-time-use bottles. 

To market this bestseller, you’ll want to show these water bottles in use. For example, you could run a contest where customers post pictures of their water bottle out in the wild. Or, create staged photos of the water bottles in an eco-friendly setting and post them on social media and use them in ads.

You can build a Custom Audience in Facebook Ads Manager and target specific groups of people. Or, run Google Ads for the keywords “reusable water bottles” so you can target customers actively searching for similar products.  

Laptop skins

Laptop skins are one of those random trending products that become popular every few years and can drive incredible profits while the trend is hot.

According to Google Trends, the search term “laptop skins” hit peak interest and is now trending back up near peak interest.

Promoting this trending product with Google Ads may be profitable. Countries you can choose to target, based on Google Trends are United States, Pakistan, India, Australia, Canada, and United Arab Emirates.

These top trending products give you a ton of opportunities to target different customer segments based on their laptop brand and drive sales. 


One recent trending product cropping up this quarter is rugs. Similar to other trending products in the home decor department, we’re probably seeing an increase due to the recent work-from-home trend. Area rugs bring together all the elements of a room and make spaces more cozy and welcoming. 

Google Trends shows the search term “rugs” hitting peak interest for the first time in five years. 

Start by narrowing down what kind of rugs you want to sell—braided, outdoor, shag, area rugs, etc. Then promote your rugs on popular home decor blogs. You can reach out to them online and ask them to link back to products on your website from round up articles.

People are more likely to buy when they come to your site through an external blog post than an ad. Then run retargeting ads to people who viewed the product but didn’t buy to win back the sale. 


If you want to sell a product that has a high-profit margin, look into selling blankets.

These days consumers are spending more and more money keeping their homes cozy and warm during colder seasons.

You can also sell custom-made blankets by teaming up with one of the many print on demand companies out there and letting new customers build their own.

For social media, you can create video content to show off the benefits of your blankets. And show other creative uses for them besides just keeping you warm in bed. You can also run seasonal giveaways to promote new blankets and bestsellers. Or run Facebook ads for people in the market to buy a new blanket. 

You can sell items online like blankets through a paid search strategy. Depending on what type of blanket you sell, you can also target more specific keywords to narrow in on higher-intent buyers. 

Next Steps:

You need to have winning mindset and do your best to continuously learn, research and prepare for success.

To become successful in ecommerce, you need in demand products to sell, marketing skills and determination. Even tough finding popular products to sell can be a bit challenging, there are always new opportunities and trends out there.

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