Work From Home Tips

There thousands of remote work advice. It all comes down to having a dedicated workspace and staying to a routine!

Work from home long enough and you'll learn some tips that most people won't normally share, because they don't want to admit to doing and following them.

Don't work in Pyjamas

Wear whatever is comfortable, but wearing clothes that make you feel professional would definitely have a positive impact on your work from home mind set and most probably increase your productivity. When working in pyjamas or clothes you won't be caught wearing in public, you might be creating a less professional image of yourself in your mind and this will eventually lead to a decrease in productivity when working from home. Dress as if your going to an office and you'll feel instantly more professional and allow you to see your work as a more important task, thus increasing productivity. Remember to stick to a routine, this will ensure future success. Little things like putting on the right clothes can help separate your pre work morning from your work day and that's very helpful.

Personal Hygiene

You might now be free from the hassle of taking showers and brushing your teeth at specified times and now that you are not working around other people you might think that it's not necessary to focus on your hygiene as much as you normally would, but maybe you should do them for yourself.

Drink a lot of fluids

Drinking lots of fluids forces you to take periodic breaks. It's all too easy to go for hours without ever taking a break. This is an effective way to force that much needed break for your mind.

Working hours

Now that you don't have someone constantly checking if you are doing your work at specified times and intervals you might have a different outlook on how you want to manage your time. Even tough you don't need to obsess over your hours constantly anymore, you should still ensure you're getting your work done. You'll most likely end up working later than usual on certain days, but this is the new normal when working from home.

Taking lunch breaks

It's okay to take a lunch break or eat a snack at your desk whilst working, just don't procrastinate. Eating without anyone judging you is a work from home perk, but food in your laptop is less great and doing constant snack runs to the fridge and not doing your actual work is an even bigger problem.


Calling up a friend to work on certain projects together might increase productivity and divide work load. Working from home doesn't necessarily always mean working alone. Virtually coworking with a friend or coworker helps you feel more connected, you could always chat a bit and catch up, but remember you're there to work.

Virtual backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds aren't just a wide to hide your cluttered workspace. They could also be a fun way to entertain your friends or make your meeting a little bit lighter than usual. Don't overlook the value of hiding your cluttered workplace, there's not need to be afraid to go all out on virtual backgrounds.

Non visual meetings

If your not required to be on the screen, go for a walk during your meeting.

Wireless headphones

It's a good idea to invest in some wireless headphones, they could be great when you want to walk around or take a stretch when you don't want to miss something important during a meeting.

Refrain from using social media during work

Now that you're alone and there's no one to check up on what your doing, it might seem like a perfect time to take a few minutes to login to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see what everyone else is up to, but this might be one of the worst things you could do when working from home, as a few minutes easily turns into a few hours when it comes to social media and when you look at your clock again the day might be over. If you plan on using social media when working from home, it's best to only use it for work purposes, such as updating your social business pages or communicating with clients or co workers.

Take regular breaks

Although we've already mentioned this, it's important to always take regular breaks when working from home, if you don't you might burn yourself out and this will lead to less getting done whilst working more hours. Create a schedule and stick to it, divide your tasks evenly and take short breaks in between task when possible to allow your mind some rest, this would prevent burnout and increase productivity whilst thinking clearly and keeping your mind sharp.

Next Steps:

Although there are only a few tips mentioned above, they should provide a basic cornerstone of what you could do to help ensure future success and increased productivity when working from home.

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