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Join the free Appily App Builder
Affiliate Program



When you join the Appily App Builder Affiliate Program you will get a unique tracking link that you can share through a blog post, Facebook post, or even a tweet. Actually, you can share it any way you like.

Then you will earn income for every customer that purchases the Reseller Program through your referral.

a software used by Digital and Communication Agencies

Appily App Builder is a no code drag and drop platform designed for Digital / Communication Agencies which allows creating native apps for iOS and Android. With Appily App Builder, you can manage all your apps and all your clients in one tool.

  • Completely White Label

  • No technical knowledge required

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Become an affiliate and boost your income

Are you a website owner, a blogger or a mobile applications expert? You can make money by showing digital and communication agencies that they can own their own software to create apps.

  • 30% commission on one-time payments and subscriptions

  • The Affiliate Program is free

Earn your first commission in a few hours

  • When you become an affiliate you get a unique tracking link and readymade visual elements to share.

  • When we receive visitors through your affiliate link, they are associated to your affiliate account.

  • When they purchase the Reseller Program, you get 30% of the price.

  • It also works for subscriptions! When they subscribe to a monthly Reseller Plan offer you get 30% of the subscription every month. Imagine that if you sell a monthly subscription of the Reseller Program you earn $306 after one year. Just with one sale.

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