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Create your own fitness apps

Create an app and engage with your customers. Transfer your client’s favorite gym into their mobile app and expand their digital experience with Appily App Builder.

Turn your fitness business into a mobile app service

Deliver an amazing mobile experience

Deliver extra value by adapting your clients workout routines to their fitness goals in just few fitness mobile app screens


video sessions

Enable clients to exercise safely from the comfort of their home with group or 1-on-1 workout videos

Booking on

site sessions

Offer your clients an easy spot app booking system for on-site sessions

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Create your own gym app

Combine digital and physical experience for your clients and bring your gym to their home. Make working out an easy way for people to stay fit through Appily App Builder’s built-in features.

Boost you Yoga class business with a mobile app

Have your clients effortlessly transition to the app by creating easy onboarding and custom subscription model for video workout sessions

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Ready to build an app for your Fitness Business?

Join us in your journey to successfully build and and launch a mobile app for your fitness business.

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