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There are multiple options available
to Test and preview Your Apps Before publication


Built-in Previewer

In your App Editor on the right-hand side, you have a phone simulator (Previewer), called "Overview". It does not have all the native capabilities of a real phone, so some features are disabled, but you will be able to see and test your App and changes in real-time.

WebApp version

You can also use the WebApp version of your App to rapidly test it on any device. Navigate to the "Application" tab in your App Editor; under general information, you'll see your App's WebApp link, which you can visit on your device or mobile device's browser.

Previewer App

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The Appily Previewer App allows you to preview your apps made on the Appily App Builder platform. You now have the ability to design and test your apps in real time.

Main features:

  • You can log into your account and review your current apps in progress.

  • You can load any of your apps in the previewer app from the menu of available apps.

  • You can load any of your apps in the previewer app by scanning a valid QR code.

  • You can test your apps in real time within the previewer app.

  • You can test the features and modules currently used in your apps through the previewer.


iOS Version:
Currently unavailable due to updates.
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