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Where Top Content Producers Come To Build Their Mobile App

Take your audience engagement and monetization to the next level with an Appily App Builder Mobile Content App.

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The Perfect Content Experience

Premium / Free Content

Easily create sections of the app that are available to everyone and create a members only area for paying customers.

All Your Content in One Location

Make it easy for your audience to find all your content in one place. Leverage our integrations to automatically populate your app.

Connect With Your Audience

A mobile app is a fantastic tool to develop a much deeper connection with the people who are most engaged with your content.

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Features Your Audience Will Love

Integrate your RSS feed to bring in all of your latest posts. Integrate with YouTube or Vimeo to automatically bring in all your videos. With our media center you can bring in all of your audio content.

Maximize Engagement With Push Notifications

Push Notifications are one of the most powerful tools modern marketers have access to. With a simple notification you can drive your users back to your app and engaging with your brand in a moments notice. With an Appily App Builder mobile app, you have the ability to send highly targeted notifications to users at just the right time for max engagement.

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Ready to build a content app?

Join us in your journey to successfully build and and launch a content mobile app for your business.

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