How to Grow Your Business During Weekends

Building a business on the side is not a very easy task. Coming home after a long day of work, you spend the some time with your family and friends and then you try to put in some work on your side hustle before going to bed and repeating the same process again tomorrow.

Weekends are a time for family and rest, but they also allow you to get much more done in much larger timeframes. They’re usually where you’re most capable of growing your business or having the most impact on your business when you’re working a normal 9-5 job.

However, are you making the most of your weekends? How often do you find yourself distracted or making excuses when you’re not getting enough done?

Change your frame of mind

Don’t use your weekends to support the stuff you do during the week, instead, whenever you come home from your day job and begin working on your business, make sure it supports what you plan to do over your weekend.

Weekdays should support your weekends

Whenever you think up a task or project, but can’t make time for it during the week, it is suggested you add it to a strategic list. If you set an ordered list, of the next things you need to do for your business, it will require and encourage you to make more decisive decisions.

Think up a great, actionable idea for your business? Put it in your list.

At the end of the week, organize these ideas, tasks, and projects into timeslots throughout your weekends, then pull each task from your next actions list and move it into your calendar for the weekend.

Structure your weekend correctly

While you won’t have as much time on Fridays to get as much done as you can on Saturday or Sunday, it’s a good time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished throughout the week and what you plan to do over your weekend

It’s good to sit down for five minutes, before planning out your weekend, to reinforce what has been working for you.

Not taking the time to see where you went right and wrong can stunt your growth as an entrepreneur.

it’s time to schedule your weekend. Set blocks of time for each task and get your priorities in check.

Your weekend should be flexible. Things happen and you can’t always stick to your schedule. However, don’t use that as an excuse to procrastinate. Stay flexible for when the unexpected happens, but don’t stay flexible just because your favorite TV show might be on.

Before planning out your weekend, ask yourself a few questions to get a better perspective on what needs to get done:

  • What must I get done no matter what this weekend?

  • Are there any potential distractions or commitments this weekend that I will need to account for?

Now it’s time to plan your weekend for success.

First, if you don’t know what you should be doing, use a tool like Trello or even Google Calendar to set your schedule for the next two days. Pull the tasks you put off from your list and start to schedule them into your weekend.

If the task can be done in five minutes or less, do it immediately, instead of putting it off for the weekend.

Usually, you’ll want to tackle the most difficult or time consuming tasks first. If you don’t think you’ll be able to complete all your tasks for the day, do the most important things first.

The most important task is up to your discretion, but generally, if it has a looming deadline or will make the most immediate impact on your business, it’s the most important task.


Because you have scheduled the most important or difficult task first, that’s where you’ll be spending most of your Saturday. It’s also likely to be your most time consuming task, which is why it’s also important to get it out of the way as quickly as possible.

The key to getting more done on the weekends is focus. Sounds simple, right?

In reality, there are a lot of distractions and excuses to keep you distracted.


There are always errands and things that need to be done on weekends. That’s where Sunday’s come in.

If you can't finish all your tasks on Sundays, then just add them to your list for next weekend.

Schedule content for the week

Spend some time automating whatever you can for the following week. For example, every Sunday evening, you can use a social media scheduler like Buffer to schedule all your social media posts for the entire week.

Plan your week ahead

You can use Trello or any scheduling tool you feel comfortable with to plan your upcoming week. This way, you'll know exactly what I should be working on when you get home from work.

Set goals

If you don’t already, it is strongly suggested that you start writing down and tracking weekly goals for yourself and your business. Some example goals you can set are:

 Writing your goals down helps keep you accountable and brings you clarity.

Prime yourself for the week ahead

Stop complaining about blue Mondays every Sunday night. Set the right tone for a great week ahead. Look forward to getting up early, tackling your morning routine and getting home after your 9 -5 to work on your side business. Make your Sunday nights special and fun!

Watch a few motivational videos online or learn something new before going to bed. You don’t have to over stimulate yourself, just put yourself in the right mindset before going to bed.

Next Steps:

Now it all comes down to keep with your routine and repeat the process and adapt it where necessary. It won’t always be perfect and it is guaranteed that you won’t always have the most productive weekends. Putting in some hard work, even when it’s only for a few hours, can make all the difference. All of those efforts begin to add up over time and before you know it, you have a successful business on your hands.

If a weekend doesn't allow you to be productive in your project, then postpone your work for the next weekend and set some time aside to spend time with your family, this way you will have a chance to rejuvenate yourself rather than wasting time on worrying about not getting enough done.

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