How to Make a Good Business Card

To find the right business card for your business, you should experiment and see what works bets for you. Create at least a few different designs and get some feedback from your customers on which their favourite one is.

How to design a business card?

Before you start designing your card, understand your business. Your card is a reflection of your business and it should be clearly understood from your business card. For example, a tailoring business with a cloth finish on its business card makes sense but it won’t work for a woodworking business. Everything from the material of the card to the font you use depends on the type of your business.

Color and Typography

Font and colors go a long way in creating the correct design for your business card. You’ll have to experiment with various fonts to find and finalise the design that suits your business best. You can add multiple fonts to your business card. Ensure that you use the correct that actually matches your brand.

Add Graphics and Logos First

When you start designing your business card, one of the most important parts are to add relevant graphics and logos to your card. It's always beter to add your graphics and logos first, before adding your text.

What text should you add to a business card

When adding text to your business card, it is important to include the following:

  • Company Name

  • Title

  • Name

  • Number

  • Email

  • Website URL

  • Social Media Details

How to design a good business card

Most business cards are printed as simple standard cards. While it is most likely cheaper to have a standard business card printed for your business, such a card may not be an accurate representation of your brand. Business cards can be a good way to market your business that is why you should always dedicate proper time while designing your business cards.

Creating your own business card brings you an opportunity to create a perfect design that helps your brand stand out from the rest. Designing an effective business card can be overwhelming at first. But the most important part is to keep your card design minimalistic, whilst containing all your business information.

Next Steps:

The world is slowly starting to turn to paperless options. Even tough going paperless is an important part in today's time, business cards remain an important part for most businesses.

Business card designs are continuously changing and evolving with more exciting designs being created each day. Make sure your business card stands out from the rest while correctly representing your business and brand.

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