How to Sell Photos Online: Easily Earn $125+ per Image in 2021

Ever knew you could sell photos online and earn big bucks?

If you didn’t, now you do. Thanks to the colorcinche team, they provided Appily App Builder with this special guest post mentioning some great ways on how to sell your photos online.

The demand for stock photos is rising.

Businesses are diving deeper into effective social media marketing and content marketing.

Photo-saturated platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are gaining even more traction.

In short, brands (and even individuals) will always need good images.

This high demand could mean big money for photographers who are interested in selling photos online.

Interestingly, you don’t have to turn this into a full-time job.

It could serve as a passive income stream, leaving you with sufficient time to focus on other businesses.

Want to jump on this?


I assume that you’ve got top-notch cameras.

Now, it’s time for you to discover how to make money selling photos online.

Let’s begin.

Want to Sell Photos Online to High-Paying Buyers? Start here.

Let’s break down the process of selling photos online into three stages.

To build a successful business around stock photography, you’ll have to:

1. Choose Your Photography Niche

Photographers earn good money selling photos online when they niche down to one type of photography.

So if you haven’t picked a niche yet, then you need to do so.

There are lots of popular photo categories you could explore.

Unsure of the available options? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Nature: We never grow tired of viewing pictures of the oceans, flowers, trees, etc. So this is one niche with numerous opportunities.

  • Food: Bakeries, restaurants, and other food-centered businesses won’t seize to promote their brand using catchy photographs. Take advantage of this.

  • People: Photos of aged people, couples, and even kids are often key elements in social media ads and other marketing campaigns. Portraits are also popular types of photos you could sell online.

  • Places: Not everyone has the opportunity to travel around the globe and see the world’s incredible views. You could help capture these fantastic places and sell your shots at reasonable prices.

  • Occasions: Pictures from celebrations like Christmas and Halloween are usually in high demand, especially among brands looking to run seasonal promotions. Photos from weddings, birthdays and other occasions are big shots also.

  • Health: Fitness brands, clinics, gym equipment stores, and other similar businesses regularly use images to drive attention to their products/services on social media, blogs, and other marketing channels. So you could niche down to this type of photography.

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2. Choose Your Sales Platform

There are tons of ways to sell products (including stock images) online.

To begin, you could upload your photo to top stock photography sites and marketplaces specifically for photographers.

These marketplaces operate on a commission-based model. Photographers earn a certain amount when someone purchases their photos.

Commissions differ across platforms. Ensure you properly read the terms of a website before signing up.

Another good place to sell your photos online is your website or online store (learn how to build a website for free). You’ll end up keeping the bulk of income from sales this way.

3. Promote Your Business to Drive Sales

Only a few people will discover your business organically. So you have to promote the heck out of it!

There are hundreds of ways to attract more eyes to your business. Here are three common ones:

a) SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing tactic you should pay attention to, especially if you intend to sell via your website.

Guys like Adam Enfroy and Pat Flynn are masters in SEO, and their blogs are fantastic sources for learning everything there is to know about marketing and scaling your online business.

Implementing SEO techniques will help make your website (or online store) rank high on Google (and other search engines) for multiple search queries.

b) Social Media

Social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are perfect places to showcase your work and attract potential buyers.

There are strategies for succeeding on these different platforms (like using hashtags, scheduling posts, and using specific tools). Do your research.

c) Paid Ads

Yes! If you have a few bucks to spend on social media ads, then go ahead and create a marketing campaign.

Paid ads can help send targeted buyers to your website or online store. So this is one smart way to promote the photos you’re selling online.

PRO TIP: Consider using a to-do list app to keep your workflow organized and efficient.