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strategies to increase app conversion

Although desktop usage of the internet has been exceeded by mobile, there is still some hesitation in the full-fledged adaption of applications.

An app keeps clients from searching Google for your items and instead directs them to your app rather than one from a rival (which also lowers your SEA spending). Not to mention a simple process where clients can purchase conveniently on the go without having to enter their payment information each time they come.

Additionally, apps outperform desktop and mobile websites in terms of cart abandonment rates, only 20% versus. 86 % on mobile and 68 % on desktop!

Persuaded yet? Apps are great, but they could always be improved. Below are some mentioned adjustments you may want to make to your app strategy to increase sales:

item discovery

The unknown naturally appeals to us as humans. Gain your clients' attention by highlighting new goods or emphasizing old ones. You automatically push traffic to your app to encourage them to buy once again in addition to driving traffic to the product page and perhaps even extra purchases.

Utilize Push Messaging in conjunction with this "kill two birds with one stone" strategy to encourage your clients to make their next purchase.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

This is a potent strategy to use in in-app marketing. Create sections of your app with special deals, draw attention to items with low stock levels (for example, a section titled "Selling Fast," or something similar), and/or regularly launch new campaigns that showcase various facets of your product line.

Since most buyers are unaware of your full product line, you don't necessarily need to wait for new goods to launch new ads.

Use push messaging to inform clients about limited-time specials, special deals, and/or goods that are running out of stock preferably in-app, via a specialized coupon.

"Trending" is another excellent category name since it offers the oblique context of social evidence, implying that many people desire or appreciate these things.

Page Design

Let's move on to a more complex conversion enhancer now. A large number of mobile clients start their visits to your app. You now have the chance to direct them to your most effective conversion page when they launch the app. Optimizing the site navigation will help direct users in the direction you want them to go.

First, some information about mobile use for those who enjoy crunching numbers

  • Less than 50% of mobile users use only one hand,

  • Only 10% hold their device with one hand and interact with it with the other,

  • and 36% cradle their phones using the second hand for more stability.

  • Of those, 75% touch the screen with just their thumb.

Basically, you want to modify your homepage in accordance with user navigation trends. Put your top-selling pages, products, and categories near the bottom of the page so that buyers can find them simply and be pulled there more quickly.

Merchandise Description

A time-consuming option that will pay off in the long term is creating detailed product descriptions. We frequently encounter pragmatist descriptions that don't significantly enhance the purchasing experience. Use your imagination and the sage sales advice:

Sell advantages over features, not vice versa.

You don't want to know the flight schedule, the bus schedule, or how the hotel has configured the rooms while making travel arrangements. Imagine palm trees, a blue ocean, the beach with cocktails, enjoyment, adventure, and astonishment. even if you're being offered essentially the same product.

You can address some or all of the following issues in your product description to assist your clients in selecting the appropriate products:

What does the item accomplish?

  • Who employs the item?

  • Why should people purchase this item?

  • Why should people believe in your company?

  • What problems does your product address?

  • What advantages are there besides the apparent ones?

Connect with your audience. Who represents you when you shop? What do they enjoy doing for fun? Where do they spend their free time? Having the proper messaging might be the difference between showing dull statistics and having a product that was specifically designed with the client in mind.

Specific Mobile Campaigns

As we just discussed, one excellent technique to encourage clients to purchase mobile is by utilizing coupons that are exclusively valid within the app. Using this method, you can generate app-only sales that may be used in a variety of ways.

Maybe you've already held a pre-sale where you give app users early access to an impending sale via their mobile devices. This approach has shown to be extremely effective during big eCommerce holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, but it may also help you emphasize the significance of "normal" discounts.

Think about a normal month (for example February, or the start of spring). By holding an amazing deal, you may create your own "Black Friday" time period. To emphasize how serious this deal is, let everyone know about it and also provide exclusive early access through mobile or an extra discount for mobile customers. To make a huge impact, combine the skills of your email marketing, push messaging, and social media marketing.

You'll be shocked to learn that it's not necessary to wait until the fourth quarter to succeed in eCommerce.


Though the world is rapidly transitioning to digital commerce, consumers still buy from other people. The "Customer Service" page is one of the most underrated locations where you can connect with your consumers, deepen your bonds, and establish your brand.

Display your identity, that of your business, and your core values. Not by a pre-written message, an automated chat box, or a mail button, but rather through devoted support and human reactions. People dislike machines even though we utilize them for practically everything. We enjoy the individuals operating the levers.

Including people in your product photos is another tried-and-true conversion increase. The same idea holds true, and it humanizes your items as well. Having a human in the product photo will, well, humanize the goods more, regardless of whether you are selling clothing, vehicles, vegetables, or equipment for machines. As was stated at the outset, people purchase from people.

Next Steps:

Most likely, you have a top-notch support staff on hand to address any queries, problems, or uncertainties that your clients may have. There is just one major issue with this:

They are not buying if they are contacting your support staff.

We don't need to tell you how damaging it may be for your conversions since clients who have questions will abandon their purchase process, adding to the workload on your staff.

The solution is to retain users in the app, and the best way to accomplish so is to provide a comprehensive, appropriate, and practical FAQ that addresses all of the main worries, skepticisms, and problems that users may run into and prevent them from making a purchase.

Consult your customer service staff to find out what prevents users from making purchases, then provide them with solutions within the app. Your conversion rates will increase, and your support staff will work less hard as a result.

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